Artificial Creations

- by Andrew T.
(c) 2010

We all want to be someone or something special, and the sad truth is that your chances of ever becoming who you want to be can only be accomplished or destroyed by YOU!

I've always wanted to be a film maker but lately I've realized how competitive and how slim my dream of becoming one really is, and I realized if I want to make films or shows I need to work hard and make good stuff. And another thing I realized, You cant have a good movie without a good story.

So that's why I've decided to become a writer. Now on top of that I also do some video game design using a program called GameMaker and I also do lot's of song composition with computer programs, my video camera and my two piano's. I upload my music to YouTube on a channel called InsomniMusic, but likewise, there's so much competition and so much improvement that needs to be involved that it isn't that popular, but popularity isn't my goal, quality is! Though being popular would be nice, I notice a lot of the "popular" novels and music really aren't that great, and that only shows how horrible the testes of the population is and how easily they are entertained.

So on to my life as a writer. Being a writer takes only a pen and paper. Now what I mean by that it that you don't need to be some super human dictionary to become a write, NO no NO! All you need is the courage, dedication and enthusiasm to be able to create beautiful worlds and writings at the tip of your fingers. When you have the motivation and the idea you need then writing seems like such a simple job, but of course what you write has to be good.... or at least something the publishing company will see as a gimmick to sell out the book... horrible books that sell really well because of their gimmicks would be: Twilight, Harry potter, and all the manga that have cute moe girls in them but don't really have much of a story....

Anyways my life as a writer started at age 15, that's right at fifteen I finally decided to drop the video game controller, turn off the cell phone, hide the T.V. remote and actually do something useful. And the following story will describe in a first person view how my life went after I started writing using Microsoft Word and Google Docs!


The Life of a NOOB Writer: It was late at night, (well usually I don't go to sleep until 1 or 2 am anyways....) rapid Insomnia snuck up on me like a thief. (OfTheSeven Reference)
So I opened up the Google Doc's page where all my 10th Grade Language Arts Honors writings had been posted, (too lazy to get MS Word on my Laptop... it was on the Desktop though) I created a new page, and then I cracked my fingers. Taking a gulp of milk and biting a cookie I prepared to write. I raised my hands up high and grasped the air above me feeling the energy return to my sleep head. I got down, brushed the hair out of my eyes and then I froze. "What am I supposed to write about?" Only a few minutes of Meditation and Praying to Jesus for inspiration I finally realized something very useful.

The Characters!
I would name all the characters of my story after someone, a family member, cousin, myself or friend. So I ended up with six main characters. I didn't have a name for the book, but after I started writing FICTIONAL short stories about these characters I got an idea for the name.... The two names I was debating over was "Green Success" and "From selling Weed to Buying Stocks" .... I chose the first one thinking I could always change it later.

The Story:
Now the story was composed of two pieces. The first pieces was the actual story and events them selves.... selling "weed" or "green stuff" and getting rich, or at least hoping for success as high school kids. The second piece of the story was the Moral Lesson: How precious your imagination and creative life really is, even if you're not one of those "artsy" kind of people, YUCK, you can still be creative in who you are.... And I'm not talking about going out and expressing your self, seeking attention, growing long hair or any of that stuff....
So after I planned out my two pieces of the story I finally begun to write, the main character, "Long" being modeled after my cousin. The first few days of writing were pretty good, I only stuck to writing late at nights because I came up with my own saying which I ended up using in the book, "Late at night, when I'm supposed to be dreaming, that's the time I should be working, that's the time my creative brain juices are flowing... the time I would normally be dreaming..." I ended up staying up late even if all I did was write a paragraph. Those first couple of nights were terrible, sleepy and in the morning and at school I felt so tired and sleepy, I begun to notice the "Bags" under my eyes turn light purple before turning almost black.
It was pretty difficult to get used to this life style and I was almost tempted to quit writing simply because I needed sleep. "The Lazy Man never prospers"

                                                Proverbs 20:13 - Do not be a lover of sleep,
or you will become poor: keep your eyes open,
and you will have bread enough.

I stayed up late and it sure was affecting my health, I begun to notice I wanted to fall asleep when I got home, My eyes would close by them selves at around 5th period, geometry.... well normally they would anyways.... I begun to lose all intentions of doing things like talking for extended periods of time with people in person and I fell deeper into the hole of cyber-community. I felt so awful but I knew somehow I would finish this, because was I really doing anything better in my free time?

I had enough! I decided to quit Language Arts Honors II, That class was so much bull, they always wanted things in their format and I hated it. All the writing assignments were so limited as to what you could do, I was marked down several times for adding in my own ideas and sentences into papers where they were not welcome. reading became a chore... as it always was... but more of a chore.... Although I believe that class got me into writing in the first place, I can't help but realize how uncreative that class was. When we read out stories out loud everyones' honestly sounded like something a baby whipped up. Not that I think they suck it's just that they all followed the guidelines so strictly. So I dropped out.... I now had an extra 30 minutes or even more to my self... more time to dedicate to writing...

So I started getting more into the story. I got many ideas from Anime series and TV shows like Full Metal Alchemest, The Boondocks, South Park, Bleach, Air, Death Note, Elfen Lied, Lucky Star and The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I'm sure my subcouscious mind got "inspired" or "thief like" from other series, but these Anime series were what I was watching at the time and I really liked them and wanted to have my story as popular as them someday! I think I was so "Inspired" by Death Note, that I actually modeled my first drawing of one of the main characters after "L" from Death Note. I later opened my eyes to see how similar the two were and Instantly modeled the character after my self. That Characters name was Andrew.

Real Experience Inspirations: Along the way I also had many inspirations that I added to my book. Perhaps the biggest inspiration to everything I do would be my Dreams.... when I sleep. But I got the best idea from a girl I met freshman year of high school, (the year before I started writing) She was the closest you could get to a real Anime character, or at least for the time being. Me and her had a lot of good times together, though I wasn't interested in a Boyfriend, Girlfriend relationship I thought it would be better to just be close friends and do things that are actually productive, worry about "love" later.... I found out I would be moving schools for the next year and that she wasn't because of where she lived, and that was terrible! ...for me at least... you see everyone mocks me, hates me for no reason, judges me, turns their backs on me.... it's hard to make new friends, and at the time I only had a few close friends and a lot of people who hated me because I hate "the look" or because they didn't like the stories they've heard about me. I stopped hanging out with the Emo kids and started hanging ot with my REAL friends and that was the last of them.... the next year I found out some of them were moving to the new school with me.... but not that girl... so I ended up adding her as a characters, I didn't want to use her real name, nor a real name at all for thst matter, so in the story she is always refereed with her nickname: Me-Fufu! A cute name for a character that's supposed to be cute.

So one day I had the most awesome dream about fighting, and I really wanted it in the book, so I decided to make one of the characters have a fighting/action dream and I think that was one of my favorite chapters in the whole book!

I think I finished the book strongly, but I needed to go back and re-edit it and "dress it up" a little. The most boring part of all! I think that if re-reading the book I created was so boring, then maybe it would be boring for the new people to read it one time.... but I convinced my self that that was not true.

....I haven't published the book yet because I wanted my friends and family to read it first and tell me if it's even worth publishing.... Self Publish first...

...The moral of this story is everyone has a purpose, they just need to find out what!

..So that's that, I'll add a link if I ever do publish it, thank you for reading. any comments or questions would be awesome!