Sunday, September 26, 2010


[Images provided and created by who else?]

The most important thing to a story writer is the inspiration....

Whether you're inspired by creation or imaginary things, it's all good!

Take a look at this picture, now what do you see, are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Right now as I gaze at this photo, the first thing that came to mind was how a village of tiny people could be living among the jungle of leaves. (Sound pretty lame right?)

And that's the problem, too many people think of an idea, (it might be great) But often they discourage themselves thinking their ideas are stupid. It might be tough to tackle, but you must be able to defeat your self discouragement, look it straight in the face and slap it!

Now what do you see? Are you imagining how high awesome you can snowboard from tree top to tree top? Or were you thinking about the lake on the other side of the hill? Or were you imagining the moon just inches away from the tree tops as people climb and grab hold of the moon?

Thinking outside the box is another tough on to handle. Just remember,

This is not art, it is an accident! I shook the camera and this is what popped up... Don't expect your accidents to accidentally be good.... because that would be modern abstract art, and what does everybody know about abstract art? (Crapola!)

Don't be afraid to pinch at someone else's plate! They won't notice!

This is Zelda, I like to pick... well pick isn't the word I like to use!

I like to harvest new ideas off the existing ones form Zelda Games. The more I play Zelda, the bigger the tumor of an idea becomes, and soon it becomes big enough to break off. And that's where a new idea comes from...

It's not Stealing, it's "Borrowing"! And consciously or not, everybody does it!

These are my math Notes, and guess what? I actually had fun!

Yes, I had fun during math class, surprised? I was!

Once again, my love for homes, houses, mansions and villages is reflected in my drawings. And that's also where I got the idea for the slums from Green Success:

The Slums is a town where every building is made of cardboard and the residents are dirt poor...

the idea first hatched while I was playing Halo 3 Forge, after stacking random boxes and crates, it started looking like a maze, with tall buildings... and I thought, how cool would this be if it were real... and then the idea was formed! :)

And finally, sometimes you need to sit down and hand draw something that's been on your mind for a while...

The week I drew this picture, I had seen bright lights in the sky near my house, all on the radio they were talking about UFO's and so I was thinking about it for a while, then i decided what it would be like if some girl were taken away by the aliens every night....

but not in the horrific way most would imagine, but in a calm, happy, peaceful way...

So that's where this drawing came about...

but enough about me, I hope this blog, a little different from past blogs, really gives you an idea of what I'm trying to tell you!

Also when you're not driving, look out the window and imagine a skateboarder skating on all the cars and objects as they pass bye.... It's actually quite fun!

- Andrew Taraba

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  1. Yeah, it is kind of true that we all base ideas off other works. You seen some of the things that influenced me on Wattpad. I was thinking of an idea I came up with, after rewatching .Hack//Sign. I might wait on that another day though. I knid of like the old layout better than this. By the way, this is still gotenks08 from You Tube. My teacher technically forced me to change the display name.