Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well it seems like I haven't visited this site in forever...

I don't know.. I feel like I"m losing my inspiration, my motivation, that creative spark that tolf me to day dream 24/7

and it all started when Junior year started... People entered my life... and well... the real world struck me... too soon I think...

I'm a kid on the inside, I"m still in school... So why am I so conscernd with this crap?

I just want to write stories, make songs, make videos and enjoy my days as a teenager! :)

friends are so complicated, people, teenagers, why can't they just shut up! ?

I'm sick of people who hold back, who worry, who are scared...

I'm trying my best to help them... but instead my help is taken as insult...

and then I become the target for everyone to attack... I guess what I"m saying is that others, we need them... and when it comes to creative minds.... being a target for everyones insults and hate, for all the WRONG reasons... really takes a toll out on your brain :(

I just need some help getting back on my feet... and day dreaming... not worrying so much about everyone anymore1 :)

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  1. Just relax. Everything will work out. It's been a while since I came here too.