Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Creative Mind

MARK - A character from my book "Green Success" The protagonist who is also the Antagonist at points. A truly remarkable character, Even though I hate him, I loved writing about him! (In the story he always made fun of the Character Andrew "Me" and he really mocked Andrew. Oh man! It sure was fun writing about him! - Green Success (c) 2010 Andrew T.

This isn't a preaching session where I tell you how to live, if you don't like the things I SUGGEST in this blog then don't follow them...

If I had to think of the most creative person I would have to say God is, but the most creative human I would have to say Miyamoto (creator of Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Ect...). I've always wanted to know, How did this guy get so creative? Was it because he smoked Weed all day or was it because he did things in his life that inspired creativity, memories and experiences?

I believe the creative mind is a gentle and precious thing, it must be taken care of and fed well or it may die very quickly. In scientific studies there is no one portion of the brain that controls creativity, rather it is all the parts working as one that help spur the creativity.
I always try to make my days varied and do things and think about things and day dream and even in school assignments I always try to keep my ideas and thoughts fresh and creative. I guess the only thing I'm not creative about is how I dress. I just put on the clothes my parents buy for me, I'm more concerned with my "awesome" hair style.....

So I feel I should share the things I always try to do to take care of my creative mind as much as possible, and it's almost to the point where I have an alarm clock that tells me when Im doing something useful or when I 'm just wasting my time...
Being creative is more than just doing things "differently" from others, usually those "different" people are very stuck up and ignorant, and ignorance is the lack of creativity. If you want to be creative you must accept every possible idea then throw out the bad ones! Simple Right?

So here are the things that I always have believed to help with creativity!

Video Games:
I Just bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 and I"m so great full! Not only is it a fun game to play, but I feel all my child hood memories and all the old times, you know "the creative days" of child hood rushing back to me as I feel like a child playing a Mario Game once again! Believe me Nintendo Games will encourage Creativity much more than lame games like Call of Duty. Games like COD are in my opinion, yes fun, but very dangerous, so many people play that game like it's their life, they go around bragging about how good they are like they've actually accomplished something, I assure you they have accomplished NOTHING. The real accomplishers are the ones who created the game. So all in all my recommendation is chose your games wisely! My book I've been writing has a lot to do with the sea and the ocean and I'm telling you I'm So Glad I played The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker! Otherwise my book might not have been as good as it is! Playing Nintendo games really brings me back to the old days and I truly feel I was much more creative back then as a child then as I am now, I think the most creative things I've ever thought about were memories and day dreams of the things I thought about as a child! Please don't waste your childhood doing stupid things...

TV by far IS the baby sitter for most people and like wise many of the TV shows I've watched have influenced my writing, especially ANIME. I've made it a goal to not watch stupid shows any more, that includes Nickelodeon shows, besides the classics like Drake and Josh. There are only a few American Animated shows that I will at least admit I was influenced in my writing by: South Park, Boondocks, Family Guy, Simpson's and some others... I'd say Anime by far is the most intelligent form of entertainment these days. There are alot of people who say All Anime is gay, and those people are the most ignorant and stupid people in the world, well not really, but it is unjust to say something so stupid. Trust me, when you're writing about something try watching some Anime, the story telling in them are always great! Some Anime sreies that really influenced my book: Death Note, Elfen Lied, Air, Clannad, Full Metal Alchemist, Lucky Star and The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Those qwere just the major influences, but trust me Anime is more than just a show, it's an experience, and unforgettable experience that will help develop you not only as a writer but also as a person, almost all anime have moral lessons to learn from them and that's why I chose to write, to convey a message! Stories with a moral are the only good stories...

My favorite male Anime character of all time, "L" once said, "Sweets and sugar make your brain work better." And I can't agree more! Some people worry about their weight and you know why? Because they don't burn enough calories. The Brain is the muscle that burns the most calories! the more you use it the more calories you burn, why do you think the Nerds are always skinny and the Geeks are always fat? (Nerds are people who do good in school and sometimes in life, Geeks are the people who play video games all day and most likely become the worker at McDonalds or on rare occasions, and IGN employee...) It's because the Nerds use their brain more... I'm not a Nerd... NO WAY! But I sure use my brain more than I'd like, that's the reason I never get any sleep, my brain is always thinking even when I"m not... But hey! It keeps me skinny and strong, smart and creative and I believe your food choice definitely affects your brain power. Drink Milk! It is a vital nutritious source of iron and calcium, both which are very important for the brain to develop and strengthens the bonds between brain cells allowing faster thinking! If you used your brain as much as possible then you won;t ever have to worry about what you eat or drink because your healthy mentally so you'll be healthy physically!

Attitude: Your attitude can affect you in more ways than anything else. When you allow your self to get angered you will most likely do something irrational or unnecessary. Happiness sometimes also makes you a dumb person. Both Happiness and frustration bring down your mental capabilities. Well okay maybe I sound a little crazy but think about this: The "popular" kids at school are usually the dumb and gossipy kind of people, they are loud during class, they get low grades and they are just plain dumb, the put others down and the gossip all the time and you know what else, they are always happy when they do that. That's the type of happiness I despise, true happiness is the kind where you actually enjoy life, others and you aren't worried about anything, your not just happy to satisfy your urge to be happy, but your happy because you truly are happy. Your attitude really affects your self and others, stress ruins health, sadness makes you self centered, When is it ever okay to be sad, disappointed, depressed or frustrated? When you live in America you honestly have nothing to be sad about, and if you still are moody, groggy, selfish and angry at people then something seriously is wrong with you, you need to love others when your are blessed so much as to even live in America. (US)

MUSIC: Whenever I listen to music I Always try to make a music video in my head! It's also good to play music in your head instead of listening to it all the time...
Ah yes, Music! Music will have an impact on your creativity, I know it sounds weird but repetitive beats and stupid raps will dumb you down! True composition is hard to come across, listen to Nintendo Music, now that's Genius Composition! The type of music you listen to is crucial when writing, if you write about a love scene is it really appropriate to have heavy metal rap music in the back ground? It actually might make for an interesting love scene, someone please try that and tell me how that turns out! haha I think I'll try that it actually sounds funny! ...but seriously, Music is crucial to your brains thinking patterns, it is proven that classical music raises your IQ and you know why? because it's not just a bunch of repetitive beats and tunes looped over and over again only slightly different from the last. Try listening to songs like: Mosiak Kakera, Hurricane Mixers and other songs that would truly have taken a genius not only to compose but to appreciate. I mean come on, most American music really sucks! Anyone can use auto-tuner and write terrible lyrics that make no sense.... Also try to pick up an instrument if you really want to have a healthy mind, especially the piano, which really improves your mental capabilities! Also composing your own music and appreciating others is really a good start! The Creative Industry isn't limited, Music may affect your writing or drawings.

Doodles: Yes, I doodle all the time in Math class and I often feel like I've run out of ideas, the truth is I just don't want to draw because I think my drawing will turn out bad. It's not about how good you draw, but what you are drawing. I often forget this because people sitting around me can see and if I draw a cute girl but she ends up looking weird of scary that would be really embarrassing! So I often draw in private where I can take as many tries as it takes. Trust me you don't want to do this, Draw all you want, but don't do it for attention, do it for fun! Do it to make others laugh and I know everyone in Math class is bored too, so Maybe if I drew and showed them then it would make the class a little more enjoyable for me and them! I also notice when I doodle during notes I often do better on the Home work or tests, I think I refer back to the pictures as reference for the topic we learned that day! Eventually your Doodles might turn into masterpieces!

Motivation is probably the most important thing to making a creative work of art. Without Motivation you will often become lazy and lose interest. There are two types of motivation, Good Motivation and Bad motivation. Good motivation is knowing that when you finish you will have accomplished something and that you may have created a true master piece. Bad Motivation is when you only do something for attention, because you want others to recognize you. Both motivations are important to getting you started but eventually you must stop using Bad Motivation. This is the reason popular things like Transformers and Smosh start good but end up terrible. They lose the Good Motivation and only remember the attention and success they once received. It no longer becomes a strive for quality but rather a strive for attention and success. Would you rather become rich off a terrible book or renowned off a great masterpiece? If you're lucky BOTH, Miyamoto got both! Lucky guy he sure is!

Environment: Your environment also plays a big part in your creative brain's sensitive foundry. Writing a novel in an old washed up room completely organized with no posters, drawings or type of distractions of any kind is really not good, you become creative because of distractions not because of concentration. So it's okay to have a messy desk, fill the walls with drawings, leave your pens laying around, have a few stuffed animals, even if you're a guy, you never know when something might come in handy, simply looking at a paper clip and thinking of the many possible things it could be is creative enough!


  1. This was a very interesting post. I agree that video games can help creativity. I don't play many Nintendo games though, as they are becoming increasing difficult for me to play. I've played on the PS2 more and nothing seems as enjoyable as playing Rogue Galaxy. It has a weak story, but the game play aspect and environment details are extremely good and I think that can also help with creativity.

    As for anime, I don't think all anime would help creativity, just like not all games will help creativity. For it to be a good source of creativity influence, I think either the story must be good or there are some really well imagined characters.

    With food, it really does make a difference, and yes people are usually fat because they do not burn calories a whole lot, but exercising the whole body, not just the brain, is important in keeping fit. If anything, I think it is the proper amount of sleep that would help most. The brain functions better by going to bed early and waking up early, but that could be different for everyone.

    Your attitude will also reflect itself in your writing, if you are angry, people with be able to sense that anger, even drawings can reveal your attitude towards things.

    I agree about your thoughts on happiness. The happiness that you talk about, when mentioning the popular kids, only leads to misery on both themselves and others, since it is a very selfish thing that they are accomplishing. Just helping people out for nothing in return, I believe, can help people gain the kind of happiness you talk about.

    I'm afraid I don't doodle a whole lot, but I don't let my drawing abilities diminish, since I always draw the images for my front cover designs by hand and make them digital using a scanner and Adobe Illustrator, so my artwork should be able to improve because of that. I'm not surprised doodling helps improve grades. After all, there have been studies on that too.

    I agree that motivation plays a good sized role. I'd prefer to be renown for great masterpieces. On the other hand, that is not my motivation. My motivation is the desire to get better and that is my view of success, not earning a penny, although it is nice Lulu pays me and I don't need to send people instructions on how to open ePub files.

    I like your views on a lot of things in this post. I get the feeling that you'll be able to do great things. Remember, imagination is more important than knowledge. Without an imagination, your progression in knowledge is hindered. It's something I keep in mind quite well, especially after reading Einstein's quote regarding it.

  2. I couldn't agree more! I actually like your idea about the sleep, I don't think I get enough sleep at all! Insomnia is a big problem with kids these days, when I turn the lights off I see the burning image of my computer screen, I should really just take a day off of the computer some time! Your last saying is also very interesting as well!

  3. Yeah, spending too much time on a computer is bad. I usually try to get reading into my day, which I highly suggest. Reading helps improve your writing and might bring you other ideas. It can be anything you want, but I suggest more than just scriptures, since there are some really good books that inspire the imagination.

  4. Yeah, Besides School Book Report Books, I read a lot while I was working on my novel, I read Death Note BB murder Cases and right now I'm reading the first Haruhi Novel, after that I intend to go to Borders and look some more in the manga section. Usually they have actual books with words there, usually I never finish reading a manga because I've already watched the Anime or because I get to inspired by the book that I stop reading it so I can spend more time writing with the ideas I was inspired by! Do you have any recommendations? ...I can't read big books like Harry Potter.... Time isn't eternal.... and I'm a slow reader....

  5. Other than your Death Note interest and other anime interests, I don't yet have a full grasp on everything that might intrigue you, but I can suggest reading L: Change the World and the Full Metal Alchemist light novels (especially the abducted alchemist and ties that bind). I really suggest you read the FMA manga, if you aren't already watching FMA Brotherhood, because things are quite different from the 2003 anime.

  6. Oh yeah I'm also reading L: change the world, I'd say that BB murder cases was more suspenseful in my opinion, I didn't know they had FMA novels, I'll check those out. I really will read anything, as long as it has a very good story line and interesting characters, a moral lesson and a book that's not just a story but an experience as well...

  7. I agree, the BB Murder case was definitely better than L: Change the World, but the ending was a bit surprising, compared to how the actual movie ended. It's hard for me to find them all, but the FMA light novels do exist. I don't think there are many short novels that I know of with that kind of thing. I do read plenty though. I kind of liked Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, but that may be a bit too long.

  8. haha it's fine, I know that Borders will always have something for me in the Manga section, every time I've looked I've always found something that sparked my interest. One thing that I would like to mention is that a lot of my writing is based off Anime series, whenever I write I always try to invision what I'm writing down, like in anime series there's lots of camera cuts and zoom ins and zoom outs, so I figure if I can manipulate the wordes and focus attention on different things that I will in a sense create a moving picture with the words... So I always try to make my stories feel like an anime whenever I write, but I also use novels like Of Mice and Men when I need help with things like Imagery or Diction...