Thursday, May 27, 2010

Video Game Creation

This was the loading screen for my newest game, it's still in production and it's a very short RPG game with a very sad story....

- Andrew T.

All the music from this game was also created by me, the game will be available on my GameJolt account when it's finished.

My life as a Writer, Film Maker and Music composer is usually put aside on the weekends late at nights so I can build upon my skills as a Video Game Creator.

Now like all these types of things we know that all the creative industries are related and if I'm good at game designing I might also be good at story writing or if I"m good at music creating I could possibly also be good a video editing. The Creative Skill is not limited. so That's where I stand on that.

So often I try to create video games using free and simple programs like GameMaker.
I first started creating simple side scrollers, but now after I ventured into the story writing arts I realize that I can create games with a deeper story and still containing great game play.

I begun making simple games and now I feel time to whip up an RPG game. So for the time being, Now that I've finished writing my story for no I feel I should take a break and work on other things!

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