Sunday, June 27, 2010

Making Histroy!

Most stories and anime only take place during a small portion of the characters life. It would be boring to watch a 1000 episode series about some baby that grows to be an old man... Write about the most interesting part of your characters life, or at least make it the most interesting part.

Even though an anime like Death Note only took place for a month then skipped a few years and took place for a few more weeks, it, at least for me, it felt like Death Note took place over years of time.. like L has been doing detective work longer than I have been a live....

isn't that what you want your story to be like? Feels like years... Not boring years.... exciting and awesome years?

add some history to your story, your character not only needs to go through the events but at some point their past needs to be referred to... keeps the reader interested... it could be as simple as, "I think we've met before!" or as complex as, "That man was the same man that killed my father" adding some history to your story really helps make it seem like a bigger story.... even if it only revolves around a few characters in a tiny setting, it can still feel like a big experience....

In full metal alchemist Edward's history, his father and his house burning aren't the first thing that happens in the story, it may be where the story starts, but that's not where it actually starts, the story seems to start while they are in the middle, though it seems like it started at the beginning..... then refers to the pas as it goes on... a genius method if you ask me....

...add some history if you want...


  1. Adding history would make it interesting, but probably the most interesting, if it relates to the story. In fact, in my second book, the actual main characters hates deities, just like the rest of his bloodline did, beginning with an incident with his fifteenth generation great grandparents, which had been betrayed by both their village and deities.

  2. history makes the show or book seem longer than it really is, I guess that's why I loved Full metal Alchemist so much, a lot of history is tied to it... fictional history...

  3. I just liked FMA because it actually seemed to have an original story, unlike much of what gets published today.

  4. haha very original! It had a bit of everything, action, sad parts, comedy, romance but mostly action!