Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where is Inspiration?

Inspiration is the key element that makes us all jiggle with excitement and motivation to go out and be creative, but sometimes we don't know where to get it from, and sometimes we still need more inspiration even after we've started out work.... so where do you get yours?

Well I'm seriously asking anyone who reads this to tell me, but since this is a blog website I have to share a little about where I get mine....

I got a lot of inspiration before, during and after writing my novel and where did I get the necessary inspiration and motivation to continue working from?

After I started writing my novel I became bored and stopped for almost a month, and it wasn't till after I watched this video that I decided to keep going again: HERE , What is it? It's a story someone drew by her self, and it made me realize how lazy and how little I contribute to society. So I decided to get off my lazy.... chair... and start writing again....

Well what do you know, come time around again and I start to get lazy and lose interest in this book, even though lot's of people told me it was good, I still somehow lost inspiration and motivation... HERE , basically it's an anime series with almost no plot, but it has a lot of character development and as I watched I began to study the characters develop and I compared it to my story and I realized the methods of character development weren't so different and I decided to keep writing!

Well I needed some music while I write or else I get bored so here are a few tracks I listened to while writing. Now I should tell you that if you appreciate any of these awesome songs, you should support the composers by buying it... because how would you feel if people kept reading your book for free on the internet without your permission?... these song's will always be here until YouTube removes them for Copyright reasons or until the record label decides to put advertisements next to the video....

Keep in mind my song selection is very Anime/Nintendo Influenced....

For the SAD and SERIOUS parts:

God Knows (Instrumental Version) HERE
Elfen Lied Theme - Lilium HERE
Clannad Ending Theme (Violin) HERE
Mosiak Kakera HERE
Awkward Song (OfTheSeven) HERE
Kaiko HERE
Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask - Song Of Healing HERE

This is an Inspirational Poem I read about the Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask...

Day to night, dark to light,
Fall the sands of time.
Let the years like the gears
Of a clock unwind
In your mind walk through time
Back to better days.
Memories, like a dream,
Wash your tears away.
Like a star in the sky darkness can't reach you.
Light the night, joy is light 'til the new dawn.
Cast away your old face
Full of gloom and spite.
With this mask I will ask
To borrow your light.
Day to night, dark to light,
Fall the sands of time.

This poem influenced the final chapters of my sad story....

For the Happy and Comical parts:

Hare Hare Yukai HERE and HERE
(Piano Version) HERE
SSB Yoshi's Island HERE
Scarlet Flandre Rough Time HERE
Hurricane Mixers HERE

For the Epic and Cool moments:

07 Ghost Ending Theme HERE
Persona 3 intro HERE
Confidence HERE

And just some songs for over all:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 End Credits HERE
Wii Wether Channel Music (Night Time) HERE
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker - Outset Island HERE
Super Smash Bros Brawl Flower Field HERE
Kaze no Kioku HERE

Now nothing can compare to what I believe to be the greatest inspiration of all, nature.... going outside and just enjoying creation is such an awesome thing if you know how..... I think the reason Japan known as such a creative country is because it is tradition to set aside 30 minutes of their day just looking at nature and being silent, I believe that the sky, trees, ocean, and stars are the biggest inspirations for me.... I especially enjoy thinking of tropical islands such as in Wink Waker, or what it would be like if Mario Galaxy were real....

I hope these th9ings will only improve your writings....

- Andrew T.


  1. My inspiration can come from anywhere, whether it be games or anime. It could even come from my own imagination sometimes, even if I knew things had been done before, but in this day and age, almost everything has been done before. The songs that seem inspirational to me, enough to imagine entire scenes are song from the Rogue Galaxy Sound track. Some songs in there make me imagine battles scenes with somebody at their maximum limit, such as this song.

    As I mentioned before, my first book was pretty much inspired by Death Note and has a crime fiction focus. My second book, which is currently being proofread and edited, seems to have much more science fiction focus, but some of the characters have abilities that would make them unbeatable, such as matter control, anti-matter control, and spiritual matter control. Those kind of attack bases came from my knowledge that matter made up everything, and while matter can't be created nor destroyed, the things that are made from matter can be destroyed by splitting them into individual pieces of matter, since it can only be changed. Also from that basis, I came up with the idea of a sword with an invisible blade that can be changed into something visible by the user's will, such as a blade that destroys spirits, but not cause any damage internally or externally to the bodies that contain those spirits.

    All in all, my inspiration really can come from anything, whether that be books, multimedia, or my own imagination being used in conjunction with what I have learned in the past, whether it is actually true information or not.

  2. that song is definitely a battle song, low pitched and drumming makes up a good battle theme.... Yes, I would have to say my one disadvantage would be that almost all my stores have noting super natural in them.. in fact in my novel the only things that are supernatural happen in the dreams and imagination of the characters.... yes fantasy and supernatural powers is definitely a had thing to write about indeed I comment you for that as well! The most supernatural thing that has ever happened in my book was towards the end one of the characters has a dream about fighting a dragon with a sword that even after you swing it, it's swing can still cut through the air and reach far lengths getting weaker with distance...

  3. Thanks. The swing reach great lengths is interesting. The only thing similiar that I could compare it to is Jaster Rogue's Illusion sword, but that does not get weaker by further distance.

    I also get somewhat of a peaceful feeling when hearing this song, which is also from Rogue Galaxy. I Think it can also create sad scenes to be developed.

  4. oh I know what you mean, that song is so slow paced and somehow the piano is the instrument of choice for peaceful, beautiful songs...

    I don't know If I'll ever be able to compose beautiful music like the ones you hear in sad anime...